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There are various types of affordable healthcare insurance plans that the government has implemented to benefit people of all ages. However, many of them are mainstream and only cover specific areas of health while neglecting others.

In other cases, you may have to pay some additional fees to access the healthcare coverage that applies to vital services like eye care or ear care.

iHealthcare will discuss other types of insurance that you can get as a citizen or national in the U.S., which will take care of health issues, including visual, auditory, or oral conditions.

Dental Insurance

You can choose to buy dental insurance as a supplemental benefit in the United States. In other cases, some health plans (like Medicare Advantage) include dental benefits, but the monthly premiums cover the costs for dental treatments.

If you buy dental insurance as a supplemental benefit, the plan requires you to pay a separate premium from your regular health insurance premium.

One of the best dental options for 2021 (with no waiting period) is the Humana Dental Coverage plan. It allows you to choose between three different, affordable plans and has over 270,000 dentists in the Humana network. The plans are: Complete Dental, Loyalty Plus, and Preventive Value — starting at $17 per month in most states.

Vision Insurance

Usually, vision insurance in the U.S. only covers an eye exam and prescription glasses or contact lenses. If you need extra eye care outside of these benefits, you can buy an individual vision plan from a trusted provider. 

Getting on a vision insurance plan may be a wise choice if you need routine eye exams or new lenses. Most health insurance policies don’t accommodate or fully cover all types of vision issues, so you may need to buy additional coverage if your eyes require more attention than average. 

The largest and overall best vision insurer in the U.S. is VSP. They’re plans are available for as little as $13 per month. 

Cancer Plans

Cancer treatment racks up quite the costs, so getting on an insurance plan is vital for cancer patients. Although some healthcare coverage pays a few bills from cancer treatment, it does not cover all the necessary bills that treatment may incur.

You may need to get on an additional healthcare plan (or more) that caters to the costs of treating cancer. If cancer runs in your family, it’s a wise move to pay the extra premium that some plans require for cancer treatment. 

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

This is a supplemental plan meant to cover hospital admission costs that your other insurance plan may not cover. It kicks in if you’re admitted to the hospital or ICU for sickness or injury.

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