Is Final Expense Insurance Worth Getting?

Is Final Expense Insurance Worth It?​

There is a lot that goes into preparing a funeral. From the ceremony to the burial or cremation, numerous things accumulate to make up the funeral costs. The chart below shows the breakdown of the basic expenses that make up a funeral’s average cost.

  • Casket – $2,500
  • Cremation casket – $1,200
  • Cremation fee – $350
  • Urn – $295
  • A required basic services fee – $2,195
  • Embalming – $750
  • Other preparation of the body – $255
  • Use of facilities/staff for the funeral ceremony – $500
  • Hearse – $340
  • Service car/van – $150
  • Printed materials – $175

Looking at the breakdown can be overwhelming, and even these costs aren’t exact figures and can vary across each state, funeral home, etc.

Is Our Final Expense Insurance Worth It For You?

Your death will be an emotional time for your family, and dealing with the funeral arrangements might overwhelm them. Plus, if you are unable to qualify for a traditional life policy because of your health or medical history, a final expense is definitely worth looking into.

Here is why it’s worth it:

  • Your beneficiaries can claim the death benefit ($2,000 – $50,000) instantly after your death
  • It can assist with your final medical expenses
  • Covers the average cost of the funeral
  • It doesn’t require you to take any medical exams to be approved for the policy
  • Fixed premiums
  • The policy will never expire

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A final expense policy is the most cost-effective way to cover your end-of-life expenses without handing that financial strain over to your loved ones to pay out-of-pocket.

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