Medicare Supplements

For most beneficiaries Original Medicare provides a solid healthcare plan, however, it still has its gaps in coverage. To help create a more complete plan, Medicare Supplement insurance is available to policyholders to help fill some of the holes in their coverage. Frequently referred to as Medigap insurance, Medicare Supplement can be added on to an existing Medicare plan to help pay some of the costs associated with  Part A and Part B.

There are currently 10 standard Medigap options available through private insurance companies. Together, these options can be mixed and matched to not only help with additional coverage but to lessen the burden of copays and coinsurance. Most Medigap policies won’t come into effect unless you reach the deductible in your original plan.

Different Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap policies are standardized and will provide one person on the Medicare plan with the following coverages. Multiple plans may need to be purchased if you are looking at obtaining coverage for other family members as well.

  • 100 percent of Part A coinsurance and hospital costs will be covered for an additional 256 days once Medicare benefits are used up by all Medigap Plans
  • Coinsurance and copayments for hospice care under Medicare Part A are 100 percent covered by all Medigap Plans, except for Plan K and Plan L.
  • Excluding Plan K and Plan L, every Medigap Plan covers 100 percent of Part B coinsurance or copayments.
  • All Medigap Plans cover the first 3 pints of blood 100 percent, with the exception of Plan K and Plan L.
  • It’s true that Plan A and Plan B do not assist with the coinsurance for Skilled nursing facilities, but Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N do provide 100 percent coverage.
  • Every Medigap Plan besides Plan A, K,and L, fully cover the Medicare Part A deductible.
  • The Medicare Part B deductible is only fully covered by Plan C and Plan F.
  • Full coverage for excess charges under Medicare Part C is available through Plans F and G.
  • You can obtain full coverage for Foreign travel exchange through all Medigap Plans, except Plan A, B, K, and L.
  • Out-of-Pocket limit protection is offered with Plans K and L.

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