Simplified Issue vs. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance is a specific type of policy that’s intended to provide for future costs in the event of death. Many people choose a life insurance policy so that they can provide for their family if an accident were to occur. This can provide much peace of mind and help you feel confident that you’ve made the right provisions for those that are close to you.

There are multiple different types of life insurance policies. Picking the right one is so important for the future, so it’s essential that you do some research and learn more about the different options available. There are a few different things that set policies apart from each other. One of the things that distinguishes between policies is whether or not they require an exam, how extensive the underwriting process is and what requirements a person must meet in order to get a policy.

Many life insurance policies may require that you have a medical exam to determine your eligibility. If you’re not wanting to get a medical exam done, then you may be wondering what your options are. If you do not qualify for a traditional life insurance policy because of poor results from a medical exam or old age, you should consider a Simplified Issue Life Insurance or Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy.

Neither of these policy types require a medical exam. The main difference between them is that Simplified Issue will have some medical questions that need to be answered, while the alternative policy does not include these types of questions. However, this type of policy will typically have a specific set term that must be completed before the death benefit can be released.

Which type of life insurance is right for you?

If you’re okay with getting a medical exam done, then you should consider a Simplified Issue policy. If you’re willing to pay higher premiums and not have to get a medical exam, then a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy is most likely the right choice for you. If you’re still feeling unsure, feel free to give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.
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