Last Chance to Apply for Affordable Health Coverage!

The ACA has made it easier for more individuals to get health insurance. If you don’t have coverage through your employer, you can enroll in a plan through a licensed agent, like the ones at iHealthcare Direct. You have until August 15 — this is your last chance to sign up this year!

Hurry! This is the last
opportunity to sign up in 2021

Everyone Needs Some Type of Coverage

Whether you’re 27, 59, or somewhere in between, everybody needs some type of health insurance. You never know when you could be faced with a medical emergency or an unexpected health condition. Now is the time to apply and take advantage of the plans that are available. You may even qualify for a subsidy to help cover the costs of your health care.

Why Choose iHealthcare Direct?

  • Shop all major providers
  • Find the best value for your dollar
  • Feel confident in your choices

Get A Customized Plan

We’re able to customize your plan to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost, emergency-only plan, or need a policy with higher coverage and low out-of-pocket costs, we can help. All you have to do is tell us your price point and coverage needs. We’ll help you find the perfect fit!

Enroll Today!

Helping individuals and families access affordable healthcare. iHealthcare offers personalized services to our clients, helping them find the best possible healthcare solutions for their needs.
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